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Are you tired of your morning coffee routine? Do you feel like you have a lot more to explore in the world of coffee brewing? This page explores the most popular, and the best ways to brew coffee.

Drip coffee is good and convenient, but it does leave some place for improving, doesn’t it? So you want to make the perfect cup of coffee. Then it’s about time to try a new brewing method. We have described on this page the most popular ways of brewing coffee. Some are more expensive, some are cheap, but they all produce delicious coffee.
Espresso Preparation

What Is Coffee and How Brewing Method Affects Taste and Aroma

Definition: Coffee is a drink made by extracting soluble compounds from the roasted pits of the coffee tree cherry, in water. The watery extract is a beverage with variable amounts of caffeine, and a specific aroma and flavors, highly appreciated by the coffee lovers. There are various ways to prepare coffee: the extraction can be cold extraction, which is named cold brew, or hot extraction, or high pressure extraction, in the case of espresso. We call these preparation techniques coffee brewing methods.

Coffee as a beverage is probably one of the most prized habits, mildly addictive, and one of the most discussed gourmet subjects. Coffee is also a medicine, but it can also be dangerous if abused. How we brew coffee, will affect the quantity of caffeine extracted. The amount of volatile oils in the final cup, the cloudiness of the coffee, the taste, and the aroma make up the profile of the brew method. In general, there is no bad or good brewing method, all methods of preparing coffee have their pros and cons, but ultimately, these are just too subjective to be treated as simple pluses or minuses.
For some coffee lovers, a cloudy coffee is unacceptable, and the drip coffee is the standard. For people in Middle East and Eastern Europe, cloudy coffee is the norm, and even tasting some grinds in their cup is not a big deal.
Another great example is espresso, which is synonym with high standard coffee. However, not everyone enjoys espresso, for some people the strength of espresso, and the brewed quantity is just not right.

This page is a guide into various brewing methods, and a collection of the best coffee articles, helping you to find the needed coffee information faster.

Espresso Brewing – One of the Best Ways to Brew Coffee

Espresso brewing is becoming more and more popular, not only in restaurants, but also at home. The reason is because espresso machines becomeEspresso Coffee Cup - One of the Best Ways to Brew Coffee cheaper to produce, and they are more affordable. The espresso is one of the best ways to brew coffee,

Espresso Brewing Method

Espresso as a brewing method consists of pushing hot water through compacted ground coffee. The water is pushed with 9-15 bar of pressure, and there is a perfect ratio between the grind size and the tamping pressure. Tamping is compacting the coffee grounds with a tamper. The grind size for espresso is fine and extra-fine.

Taste, Strength, and Aroma

Espresso is a very flavorful brew, it is very concentrated, and it is typically brewed in small quantities, 1 or 2 oz. The coffee is not as clear as a drip coffee, and it extracts less caffeine per amount of grinds used.

French Press Coffee Brew

French PressFrench press coffee is very convenient, easy to brew, it doesn’t require expensive equipment, and it is a delicious way to enjoy coffee, without spending a fortune on brewing equipment, or training for months to get the perfect cup.

Brewing Method

The French press coffee maker is a brewing device used for steeping coffee grinds in a beaker. The grinds are pressed down with the help of a plunger-filter, and they are trapped at the bottom of the beaker, allowing a clean pour. The grind size considered to be perfect for French press coffee is coarse. The coarse grind will allow a good coffee extraction, without letting grnds seep through the metal screen in the brewed coffee. Tweaking the grind size may allow great improvement in taste and aroma, finer grinds allowing a better extraction of the aromatic, volatile oils that make up the coffee organoleptic profile. Too fine the grind, and the coffee will be muddy.

Taste, Strength, and Aroma of French Press Coffee

French press coffee has a bold flavor, great aroma, and it can be as strong as you want it to be, by adjusting the ground coffee used for brewing. However, a typical cup is as strong as a drip coffee, and is using slightly more ground coffee per cup.

Turkish Coffee Brew

Turkish coffee cupTurkish coffee, also called Greek coffee, or Arabic coffee, is probably one of the oldest form of brewing coffee. It is very cheap, easy to make, and it doesn’t require an expensive equipment, or great skills, though, if you don’t have any experience, many things can go wrong. On my personal list of favorite ways to brew coffee, Turkish is on top three.

Turkish Coffee Brewing Method

Turkish coffee is obtained by infusing ground coffee at near boiling point, or steeping the ground coffee. The particularity of Turkish coffee is that the beans are ground into the finest possible grind – a powder like grind. The grinds will settle at the bottom of the cup after they fully absorb water, and they can’t float anymore.

Strength, Aroma, and Taste

Many people are turned off by the fact that the grinds are in the cup. For a Turkish coffee lover, that is not a problem, because they never drink the last sip, to avoid sipping the grounds. The flavor of Turkish coffee is very strong, and it reflects a lot the beans’ personality. This makes it the perfect brew for tasting various beans. With this brew, much of the caffeine is extracted, but the more caffeine we extract, the less flavor coffee will retain. This makes it perfect for tweaking a balance between caffeine and flavor.

What makes Turkish coffee stand out really, is the very dense aspect, and the cloudiness. If you don’t mind that, you will discover a lot of new flavors, that you never knew existed in coffee.

Drip Coffee Brewing Method

Cup of Drip CoffeeDrip coffee is one of the most convenient ways to brew coffee. It is one of the easiest way to make a cup of Joe, and anyone can learn to use a drip machine in minutes. Although perceived as a cheap way to make coffee, it is not. The cheaper the drip coffee machine, the poorer the end results in your cup. The more expensive drip coffee machines will help you brew great coffee. Your regular electric coffee maker is the most popular devices, but pour over, (or hand drip), are getting more and more adepts.

Brewing Method of Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is obtained by passing boiling water through the ground coffee. The ground coffee is placed into a filter, and water is poured over the coffee. As the water passes through, coffee is infused and the brew is extracted. The most common is the paper filter, but in many cases the mesh metal filter is used.

Strength, Taste and Aroma

Drip coffee is a clear beverage, unlike espresso, or Turkish, or French press. It extracts a considerable amount of caffeine, compared to French press, or espresso. It is less bold, and it has less aroma extracted, in general, though this is what appeals to many coffee lovers.

Cold Brew

Toddy Cold Brew SystemCold brew is great for people who have stomach problems from coffee. Cold brew is a difficult brew method, and people usually make large quantities, which they then store in the fridge. It is a pleasantly tasting coffee, contrary to a popular opinion. People who need their caffeine dose from a good tasting cup, and can’t drink regular brews, will use cold brew as the best alternative for sensitive stomachs.

Brewing Method

Cold brew is obtained by soaking ground coffee in in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, or even more. The longer the coffee is brewed, the more caffeine will be extracted. Although the cold extraction can be obtained with a French press, or other improvised methods, the most convenient, and efficient way to do it is with Toddy Cold Brew System.

Strength, Taste, and Aroma of Cold Brew

Cold brew contains the least amount of caffeine, but it extracts a lot of flavor due the extended time extraction. The extraction temperature also helps to retain more aroma, which can be lost easily with higher temperatures.


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