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Coffee subscription services are more and more popular, because they are convenient, they provide consistency, and you’ll always have great beans to brew your daily joe. You subscribe to the service, and this helps you have fresh beans all the time, the roaster can predict easier how much green coffee to purchase, everybody wins. The idea is that you found that perfect single origin, or blend that touched your soul and you want to make sure you have a constant supply of it.

Who Is Rhetoric Coffee?

Rhetoric Coffee was founded in 2016 by James Parrish and Colin Curtin in Berkeley, California. James Parrish is a former Blue Bottle barista, and also a founder of Alchemy Collective Café.

Rhetoric coffee is a subscription based roaster, but they are a bit different than the majority services, you’ll see in a bit why.

The service is aimed at coffee lovers that want to experiment, and want to explore the wonderful world of coffee. Contrary to your regular subscription service, Rhetoric Coffee will pick the beans they send you. They will craft a unique batch of coffee every 2 weeks, and send you a new coffee every time.

Subscribe Now – You Won’t Regret it

In the picture below, the blend is a single bean-multi roast Ethiopian Shakiso Mormora. The beans are a light roast, which reveals the brightness of the African beans. I tried these beans in a few ways, to get a full picture. My favorite method was an AeroPress brew, with the following recipe: “coarse-espresso” grind, (finer than drip in any case), 2 minutes total brewing time, and the water temperature at 180 °F. I also brewed them with a French press, (medium grind), which gave me a bolder cup, and I actually had a hard time to choose between the French press and the AeroPress.

The coffee has a lot of brightness, with black tea, lemon and peanuts tones. I tried to pull a couple of espresso shots but I got average results, so I decided to stick with the AeroPress method, which is more forgiving.

If you are a coffee adventurer, or if you want to expand your coffee knowledge, you should consider a subscription with Rhetoric Coffee. Furthermore, when you follow the link, you get an automatic 30% discount on your first batch.  https://www.rhetoriccoffee.com/

Rhetoric Coffee BeansHow Is Rhetoric Coffee Unique?

They main idea with Rhetoric Coffee’s subscription model is that they can craft mind blowing blends. They experiment with a coffee, and when that experiment is finished, they scale up on the roasting day, and ship the end result. It also allows them more freedom to experiment with advanced roasting techniques. The batches are unique not just from the provenience perspective, because they change the beans all the times. But they also roast differently every time in order to retain and enhance the best flavors in every bean.

For instance a blend of three beans can be dramatically improved by roasting each of the beans differently, and then mixing them at the end. Or, even a single origin can be roasted in three different colors to obtain more complex flavors.

Coffee beans are different from year to year, and you can’t ensure consistency as an artisan roaster. Not even the big roasters. They have to use dirty tricks to ensure consistency, and these tricks tend to turn their blends bland. James and Colin understood this, and they offer variety instead of the bland mix of dark roasted beans. I think that’s an amazing idea, don’t you?

Rhetoric Coffee Subscription
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