Volcanica Decaf Coffee – Review and a Buying Guide

Recently, we have been looking at decaf coffee on Coffee Brewing Methods. Decaffeinated coffee is a superb option for the coffee lover who has a caffeine sensitivity or other health concerns. It is also a popular choice for those who want to drink coffee as an after dinner treat and still get a good night's sleep.

As you might expect, decaf options are still quite limited, compared to regular coffee. I found out this the hard way, when I needed to switch to decaf for my afternoon coffee.

Normally, companies offer one decaf option in their entire coffee range. Volcanica Coffee has a huge number of decaf coffees. This is a review some of my personal favorites. If you're a decaf drinker you won't want to miss this!

Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe decaf coffee beans bag and pour over setup

The Company behind Volcanica Coffee

The Volcanica coffee founders were inspired to start this specialty coffee company after experiencing Costa Rica coffee on frequent trips to Central America. They were eternally dissatisfied with North American coffees and felt that they could bring something of the magic of the coffee tradition from Costa Rica to the U.S and the rest of the world.

Along with Costa Rican coffee, Volcanica also produces single origin coffees from other regions in Central and South America that are grown in volcanic soil. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil is the pefect environment for coffee cultivation. The Volcanica decaf range is extremely high quality, yet very reasonably priced. Volcanica support sustainable farming practices and always make sure that the health conditions of their employees is optimum.

Volcanica decaffeination method: The Swiss Water Method

Before we get into each product description, I wanted to talk about the type of decaffeination that is used for Volcanica decaf coffee beans.

Volcanica uses the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate their green coffee beans. This treatment is totally chemical free and uses only hot water for decaffeination. Coffee decaffeinated in this way also contains less caffeine compared to other types of decaf coffee. Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee are regularly tested to make sure they have a caffeine content of less than 0.01%.

Guatemala Antigua Volcanica whole coffee beans bag and glass bowl with beans

Volcanica Coffee Decaf Review

As a general rule, Volcanica's coffee is slightly more expensive than the popular decaf beans on Amazon. But that's because they use quality beans and Swiss Water decaffeination is more expensive than other decaffeination methods. I explain in detail why Swiss Water is one of my favorite decaffeination methods, and why not all Swiss Water coffees are equal.

If you are on a tight budget, the San Francisco Bay Decaf Espresso, or Lavazza Dek are great options at lower costs. While I love these two blends, and I drink them on a regular basis, they are just blends. There is no personality, and they are made to please most of the people.

If you can spend a few extra bucks a moth, (two lattes at Starbucks), you will enjoy gourmet coffee, with complex flavor and without the jitters.

Volcanica Decaf Discount Coupon - 10% Off

Yes, I drink decaf too. I can't drink fully caffeinated joe after 3:00 PM, it messes with my night sleep. I tasted a few of Volcanica's decaf beans and I loved them. I reached out to the roaster and asked them for a discount for Coffee Brewing Methods readers and here we have it for you: METHODS21. The coupon is for all decaf coffees ordered through Volcanica's website.  

Brazil Bracosta

The first Volcanica decaf coffee I am going to review today is the decaf version of the Brazil Bracosta single origin whole bean, from the Bracosta estate in the south east of Brazil.

Along with being decaffeinated without a chemical solvent, this coffee choice is also completely kosher.

For a Brazilian coffee, this decaf is actually surprisingly light. It has a medium body with some sweetness and acidity not often found in South American coffees. However, the notes of chocolate and the intense aroma that you would expect from a Brazilian coffee are still satisfyingly present.

10% discount for our readers: METHODS21

Volcanica Costa Rica Decaf

The signature Costa Rican single origin beans from Volcanica comes from the Tarrazu mountains, near San Jose. The higher altitude and therefore cooler temperatures provide optimum growing conditions for this delicious coffee, which has exotic flavor notes of fruit and nuts, and a sweet aftertaste.

I found that this tasty acid coffee pairs very well with a drip coffee maker. Again, with the Swiss Water processing you are really getting your money's worth - you can truly taste the organic coffee that was grown in local coffee farms. Other methods that use nasty chemicals such as Ethyl Acetate are not as flavorful, as  the chemicals strip a lot of flavor from the bean.

Use this code for 10% discount on all decaf coffees from Volcanica: METHODS21

Espresso Volcanica Decaf Coffee

Another one of the decaf quality coffees is the espresso Volcanica house decaf coffee blend. I personally really appreciate how Volcanica treat their dark roast coffees, such as the espresso decaf blend. Often, dark roasts can be a little overbearing. This exquisite blend, however, is still sweet, with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and a hint of light acidity. This goes beautifully with the smooth flavor and rich body of this espresso coffee.

The roast masters at Volcanica make their coffees distinguishable from the competitors and have managed to produce a dark roasted coffee blend where the character and origin characteristics have been expertly preserved.

If you want to try this decaf espresso blend, here is a discount code for 10% off, which Volcanica extended to all of Coffee Brewing Methods readers: METHODS21

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee

This option personally makes me the most excited, as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one of my favorite types of premium coffee. The famous coffee bean is known for offering distinct berry notes to the coffee drinker. Many of the Ethiopian beans have distinctive floral notes, but this particular Yirgacheffe doesn't have those. 

This traditionally processed arabica coffee has a clean taste and a medium acidity that will drive the taste buds wild. Interestingly for an African bean, I find that this Ethiopian coffee not only tastes great prepared as filter coffee, which I recommend it as a brewing method, but also as espresso for your latte or your cappuccino.

As a neat espresso, is OK, but the fruity notes will be muted by the roast flavor.

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Decaf Metcalf Coffee - Official Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

This special blend was created for D.K Metcalf, of the Seattle Seahawks. It was born after broadcaster Joe Tessitore referred to D.K as "Decaf Metcalf" during a game. Proceeds from the sale of the Metcalf range go towards the Cystic Fybrosis Foundation and Prison Fellowship charities.

The blend is made up of Guatemala Antigua Decaf Coffee and Papua New Guinea coffee beans. It offers a cup of coffee  with a bold flavor profile that also manages to be sweet, with notes of honey and a syrupy aftertaste. This decaf coffee has a heavy body but is not overbearing, making it the perfect choice for the daredevil decaf coffee drinker.

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Volcanica Decaf Coffee - a Bouquet of Popular Coffees to Choose From

So there it is, just a few choices from the vast selection of decaf beans that Volcanica has to offer. If you didn't see an option that tickled your fancy today, there is definitely something in the Volcanica line-up that will be right for you. Other amazing coffees and bean varieties on offer consist of the Colombian decaf which has a balanced acidity and a nice caramel sweetnessand the Sumatra Mandheling decaf coffee for a smooth full body, and an intricate earthy flavor.

All of their coffee is Fair Trade, fresh roasted, kosher certified, USDA organic, and Swiss Water Processed. This is the decaf process with the most associated health benefits and is reserved almost exclusively for organic coffees.

Volcanica decaf is not your run of the mill decaf blend - it is a proper gourmet coffee. Most coffee companies don't put any effort into their decaf - because who cares about decaf, right?? Well, that is not the case with Volcanica. They put the same care and attention into their decaf coffees as they do their regular coffee, and it really shows.

Whether you like nutty overtones, milk chocolate, and a rich flavor, or perhaps a light roast with a hint of citrus, balanced acidity and an intense flavor profile, Volcanica definitely has something for you. If you are a decaf coffee drinker, you should stop wasting your time and check them out today!

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