Espresso – A Definitive Guide for the Beginner Home Barista

Espresso is a wonderful drink that, once you tried it, will make you turn your nose up at drip or other coffees.  Espresso is rich, complex, and has intense flavors. This guide will teach you everything about espresso. 

This guide is conceived to help coffee lovers with all level of experience from completely newbie to seasoned barista. We can't cram too much info on this page, because we want to cover all knowledge levels. However, the way we conceived the page is to get you to the right article. 

Pulling espresso shot with naked portafilter

pulling espresso shot with naked portafilter

Espresso Guides for Beginners

Espresso making is a relatively simple process but you need a little experience to get that perfect taste. So making an espresso shot is not a big deal. However, to make it perfect, you need a little bit of experience. This section is all about getting you started.

Quick Espresso Brewing Guides [Infographics]

This section links to a few quick brewing guides to get you started. The guides are just enough to point you in the right direction, if you don't have any experience at all, or if you want a memory refresh. Espresso brewing is a race for perfection, for most enthusiasts. But the perfectionists have to start somehow, and these infographics are a perfect way.

These are advanced espresso brewing guides, meant to show you how to make delicious coffee. The tutorials in this section take the espresso preparing to a higher level. They guide you step by step on your home barista learning journey. 

Espresso Equipment and Tools

This section is a collection of espresso equipment guides and reviews. I know what it means to watch your budget carefully, but wanting to get that espresso machine that fulfill your needs. So I base all of my reviews on that. 

Expert Barista Skills vs Basic Caffeinated Needs

There are many variables that make or break the final taste of your coffee. If you nail them, you will achieve what many baristas desperately desire to make – the perfect cup of coffee.

You’ll learn how to pull an espresso shot, steam perfect milk and pour beautiful latte art. We’ll even show you how to shop for equipment, get the best machine for your budget and how to make espresso without even using an espresso machine.

If this is all you want to know, we have that information in an easy to read format. But if you could take it a step further, would you? If you answered yes, it's great because we have a tutorial for you too.

If you don’t have the time or the resources to explore the world of coffee it’s okay! Learn whatever you need to learn, when you need to know it. We’ll be here when you want to know expand your knowledge.

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