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SCAA Certified Coffee Machines

There is a price to get one of the 7 SCAA certified coffee makers, but if you are a perfectionist, and your coffee means for you more than the daily fix of caffeine, the price is worth it. Making a great cup of coffee requires precision. Drip coffee can taste great even if it’s made at home. You just need to have the right coffee brewer.

This is a comparison review of the SCAA certified coffee machines: Bonavita, Technivorm, Oxo, Breville. Learn which SCAA coffee maker is the best.

You probably asked yourself why the coffee at Dunkin Donuts tastes better than the one you brew at home. Although there are stories about them using great beans, different than the ones they sell for you to take home, this is only part of the story. The main reason is the coffee maker. See, a commercial coffee maker is a powerful machine that is conceived to brew fast and consistent.

The powerful heating element ensures consistent, precise water temperature during brewing. The combination of the brew bed and showerhead are optimized for perfect grounds saturation. The filters they are using are selected after serious testing to ensure the best taste/coffee clarity ratio. The commercial machines are conceived to deliver hot coffee every time.

Why Do We Need SCAA Certified Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee in Paper Cup with lid

We could probably buy one of the Bunn’s commercial coffee machines, but it would be too expensive for home use. There is a lot of science behind brewing coffee and it involves using the right brewing temperature, maintaining that temperature during the entire period of coffee extraction, and ensuring that the coffee grounds are properly, uniformly extracted.

Most of the coffee makers on the market are not conceived to follow these strict rules, and that’s why we get insipid, flavorless coffee at home. Many manufacturers don’t care about the temperature during brewing, or if the flow of water during dripping is correct.

If the dripping is too fast the coffee grounds will be under-extracted.

If the water is too hot and the dripping is too slow, we will get over extracted coffee.

Getting these parameters right, requires some research, testing, and using the right material and design. This drives the price of a coffee maker up, and lowers the profits of a manufacturer. Buying a cheap coffee maker almost guarantees bad coffee.

SCAA has a program to certify home coffee makers. A certified SCAA coffee maker is a machine that is checked against a battery of tests to ensure it complies with the specialty coffee standards, and all the brewing parameters are correct. Some of the parameters that SCAA test during certification are:

  • Brewing time
  • Brewing temperature
  • Extraction uniformity
  • Coffee clarity
  • Temperature of coffee

How to Choose Your SCAA Certified Brewer

There are 7 coffee makers that made it through the rigorous certification of the SCAA. They are not the same, there are many differences, and some excel in certain areas, others excel in different areas. Learn how to choose your brewer.

Behmor Brazen – Bes for Customization

Any of the SCAA coffee brewers will deliver a delicious cup, with intense aroma and flavor. Sometimes, however, this just not enough. You feel that your coffee needs a little kick. Sure you can add some more grounds, but that is a little too much caffeine, you don’t want to get the jitters.

You can add the extra kick to your coffee by raising the brewing temperature just a tiny bit. You can also make a stronger coffee by prolonging the brewing time.

Some of the brewers on the SCAA list allow you to tweak your cup, some don’t. If this is important for you, make sure you make the right choice.

From the list, the Brazen Plus has the ability to adjust the brewing temperature. This means you can take your drip coffee making to new levels, you can tweak it to perfection. KitchenAid Pour Over brewer also has two settings to adjust the brewing temperature.

Technivorm Moccamaster – Durability and Reliability

None of the certified brewers are cheap. All of these coffee machines are more expensive than the average maker. When you pay 200$ or more for a coffee maker, you would like to use it a few years. The good news is that most of these appliances have good warranties, above 2 years. This is the double of the industry average, which is one year.

From the bunch, the Technivorm Moccamaster stands out with 5 years warranty. The Moccamaster is the most reliable brewer on the market. Sure it doesn’t have the whistles and bells that Bonavita and Behmor Brazen do, but it surely is going to make you great coffee forever…

Oxo On – Feature-Rich

Our world is all about convenience and usability.

As an appliance that will be used on a daily basis, convenience and usability are almost as important as coffee taste.

Here are some features that will make your daily cup of joe more enjoyable to brew. Elevation adjustment is a feature that helps you take into consideration the altitude where you brew your coffee. Without this feature, it’s kinda’ complicated to adjust. This is only useful if you live in Denver or other high altitude cities.

Auto shut-off feature will help you save some energy. Another feature is the ability to program it to start brewing in the morning, according to your schedule. I personally don’t use this, because the coffee ground in the evening is stale in the morning. We are talking about specialty coffee, and grinding hours before brewing is just not acceptable. However, for people always in a time crunch, the feature is there. We have a full review of the OXO On Barista Brain, if you need more details about it.

SCAA Certified Coffee Makers – Comparison Table
Compared Brewers Technivorm Moccamaster Behmor Brazen Plus KitchenAid Pour-Over Bonavita Oxo On
 Coffee-Cup-Vectorial-1SCAA Certified Coffee Makers SCAA Certified Coffee MakersSCAA Certified Coffee Makers SCAA Certified Coffee MakersSCAA Certified Coffee Makers SCAA Certified Coffee MakersSCAA Certified Coffee Makers SCAA Certified Coffee MakersSCAA Certified Coffee Makers SCAA Certified Coffee MakersSCAA Certified Coffee Makers
Manufactured Netherlands China China China China
Materials Stainless steel and plastic Stainless steel and plastic Stainless steel and plastic Stainless steel and plastic Stainless steel and plastic
Servings 10 cups 8 cups 8 cups 8 cups 9 cups
Auto shut-off Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Showerhead type Small showerhead pulsed brew Large showerhead, pulsed brew Small showerhead Large showerhead Large Showerhead
Approx Price 300$ 200$ 180$ 160$ 200$
Adjustable temperature No Yes 2 settings No No
Pre-Infusion Function Yes, (as part of the brewing cycle) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is it BPA free? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brew Pause Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Thermal Carafe Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Elevation adjustment No Yes No No No
Heating ellement 1400 Watt 1400 Watt 1400 Watt 1500 Watt ?
Warranty 5 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Buy it here Buy It Buy It Buy It Buy It Buy It
If you would like an in-depth review of the SCAA certified coffee makers, we have a comparison review here: Bonavita vs Technivorm vs Brazen.
Technivorm Video Review
How and why to brew on a Technivorm Moccamaster

More SCAA Approved Coffee Makers

New equipment has been vetted by the SCAA, and this is good for us the consumers. It creates a healthy competitive environment, and it ultimately drives the prices down. Companies start to see the certification as a validation that will bring in more sales, rather than a financial burden. Companies with certifications widened their portfolio certifying more brewers.
We are happy to see Bunn back on the list of certified vendors with the BUNN 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, and see Cuisinart with two brewers the Cuisinart PurePrecision and the CPO-800 Pour Over.
Another new manufacturer on the list is Breville, with their Breville Precision Brewer, which was just included on the list of certified coffee makers. The Precision Brewer comes in two certified variants, virtually identical, one with a thermal carafe, and one with a glass carafe.
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