A Wearable Roast: Footwear Company Launches Shoes Made from Spent Coffee Grounds

(XpreSole-CCILU footwear found a way to mix and melt spent coffee grounds into a special compound that is ideal for shoe soles and tops. Credit: XpreSole) XpreSole, by CCILU Footwear, recycles spent coffee grounds (SCG) into sustainable footwear material. The first product is the “aromatic” (coffee smell) Cody sneaker with its major components (upper, insole, and outsole) all primarily made from SCG. One pair of Cody sneaker averagely consumes the SCG from five cups of coffee. CCILU’s XpreSole Cody will be first sold at several crowd funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, then moved to CCILU branded stores […]