Beanless Coffee Engineered by Scientists

Coffee without the coffee beans. Is this something that we need? Not sure but it’s interesting anyways.

Beanless Coffee Engineered by ScientistsBeanless Coffee Engineered by Scientists

But then something came into his mind. “Why settle for a regular cup of joe?” he thought. And so he set out to re-engineer coffee to a coffee without the bitterness, and without the bean.

“I started thinking, we have to be able to break coffee down to its core components and look at how to optimize it,” he explains.

Stopforth, who has worked with other food brands such as Chobani, Kettle & Fire and Soylent, partnered with entrepreneur Andy Kleitsch to launch Atomo. The pair turned a Seattle garage into a brewing lab and spent four months running green beans, roasted beans and brewed coffee through gas and liquid chromatography to separate and catalog more than 1,000 compounds in coffee to create a product that had the same color, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel as coffee.

“As we got deeper into the process, we learned more about the threats to the coffee world as a whole — threats to the environment from deforestation, global warming and [a devastating fungus called] rust, and we were even more committed to making a consistently great coffee that was also better for the environment,” Stopforth says.

Unfortunately, Stopforth’s company Atomo doesn’t reveal what their beanless coffee is made of.

What are your thoughts on this one? Is a bitterless, beanless coffee still considered coffee?