The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker – The Winner Is Not Chemex

Brewing coffee is an art, yet not everyone has the skills or experience of a barista. This is the reason why coffee makers are “fighting” to create the best tools that help average consumers enjoy excellent coffee every day. In this article, we are going to review the best pour over coffee makers on the market, along with the features that make them unique. 

the best pour over review

Hario V60

Hario V60 represents the horsepower of many coffee shops. It’s more convenient for them as it’s made for single or small orders. It comes in different materials, such as glass, plastic, or ceramic, so that anyone can choose according to budget and preferences. Ceramic is the favorite of most people as it maintains temperature extremely well, and it can be cleaned with ease.

The V60 has a big hole used for filtering, which means that people using it have to use extremely fine coffee for the best results. The angle of pouring is also very good, and the unit is highly portable. This gives the Hario V60 our best pour over in this category, for coffee shops.


The Hario machine might be ideal for cafes, yet homeowners will probably get a much better deal by going with Chemex.

Chemex might be defined as an art piece and its ideal for those who drink coffee every day. It has a simple glass designed that is combined with a wooden handguard, making it so stylish that it could even be up on display in a museum. Actually, the Museum of Modern Art situated in New York, chose to give it a permanent spot in its collection. How awesome is that?

Chemex is ideal for preparing 3 to 12 cups of coffee, yet the smaller versions can be used even for single servings. It might be one of the most expensive pour over coffee makers, yet its design and triple filtration system mean that you will enjoy excellent coffees for many years to come.

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave was actually designed as an alternative to complicated pour over tools such as the Hario V60. Its features guarantee a consistent cup every time, yet not so much technique is required.

The filter of Kalita Wave is truly notable; it has a wave design that doesn’t let the coffee stick to the edges of the machine. Thanks to this design, coffee will remain hot for a longer period of time, and the contact between water and coffee is even every time.

The tool has a wide base with three smaller holes. As a result, the water flow will be consistent regardless of the situation. Furthermore, the price of Kalita Wave is not as high as the two other machines mentioned above, yet critics still recognize the coffee maker as being top-notch.

There are many coffee enthusiasts who much prefer using a permanent, metallic filter instead of a paper filter. This is because with a metal filter there is absolutely no paper taste found in the coffee cup. It also is generally courser than a paper filter and allows more coffee properties into the cup.

Bodum 11571-01US

Those looking for a convenient alternative to Chemex, for home use, will find a great deal in the form of Bodum 11571-01US. The team behind it tried to make the design more exquisite while integrating different materials.

This coffee maker has a permanent filter made of metal. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer a metal filter since it’s denser and doesn’t leave that “paper taste” that is associated with recyclable filters.

However, there are also disadvantages related to this tool. The first would be that the glass material used in its construction is not the best; it’s rather flimsy and will definitely not last for decades as Chemex. The permanent filter inside is difficult to clean and remove so that users may skip the regular cleaning for this reason.

Bodum 11571-01US was created for people on a budget, and particularly for families. It might not win at every chapter, but it is definitely able to pull off a coffee that tastes well as long as it’s used properly.

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In conclusion

Reviewing the most popular pour coffee makers on the market, we came up with two winners, namely Chemex for home users and Hario V60 for coffee shops. However, those on a budget or looking for something different can take a look at the models as well, since some of them are really good performers too.