CBD Infused Coffee Growing Trend: How High Can You Get?

News of CBD Coffee is now hitting the waves and one example is its availability in Central Maine. Interestingly enough, many are caught up with the idea of taking CBD through coffee. And people often wonder, how HIGH can I get? How many drinks should I take to get HIGH? Is this is even legal? To answer those questions, let’s talk more about CBD-infused Coffee.

It was once hilarious to me how people keep coming up with ways to consume coffee. They add butter, eggs, salt, and more! However, after opening my mind up to the vast possibilities of every different cup of coffee, I realized that I was missing half of my life. I’ve practically tried all weird coffee mixes, flavors, and origins. I’ve come to learn a lot more than I can swallow. Moreover, there is nothing more than can ever surprise me until I found CBD Coffee.

First I thought that maybe it’s just wishful thinking for CBD supporters out there, but now I’ve come to realize just how big a market this is. In as much as I want to resist this coffee mix, it’s just interesting not to. However, before I started to jump into conclusions, I still had to make sure that I know what I’m talking about.

First of all, let’s talk about CBD.

hemp vs marij

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the active ingredient in hemp. It’s a natural chemical that is popularly used in treating pain. CBD is extracted from the marijuana (cannabis) plant. To produce CBD, it is diluted in oil (i.e., coconut oil, hemp seed oil, etc.).

Where does it come from?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant. However, what most people don’t know is that it comes from a different type of marijuana plant called HEMP. Hemp is actually another type of cannabis plant unique from Marijuana. Though they have technically the same chemical composition, the distribution is disparate from each other.

Hemp is also known as cannabis indica while Marijuana’s scientific name is cannabis sativa. The main difference between these two is that Marijuana has a strong psychoactive effect giving us the ‘buzzed’ sensation while hemp has a powerful pain-relieving effect.

il legal blocks talking about CBD-infused coffee

Is it legal?

CBD is not a totally banned chemical component in the country. As a matter of fact, most states in the USA have legalized the medical use of CBD and only a few states allow the recreational use of marijuana. CBD is a chemical that has more medical use than recreational. Unlike what most people think, CBD is a natural painkiller. It effectively numbs the pain sensors of the body without causing any long-term large-scale damage to the body.

Can I Get High From Drinking CBD-Infused Coffee?

Since hemp isn’t a psychoactive drug, it won’t make you high whatsoever. Though CBD also contains the chemical that makes you high, it is in extremely minute amounts that it will barely give you a slight buzz. The closest thing to a buzz that you’re going to get is when you suddenly feel relaxed and calm. And drinking CBD-infused coffee will give you the same feeling.

CBD is relatively tasteless so it won’t really give much of an added flavor to your coffee. It will only enhance the earthiness of the coffee. Some say that it goes best with hazelnut flavored coffee. If you agree, give us a shout and let us know.

cbd infused coffee drink served to drink

How do you make CBD coffee?

Like any other flavored coffee you get from a cafe, they add flavors to your cup of joe. In the same way, cafes use the original CBD tincture and add it to your drink. Though there are some flavored CBD tinctures, most cafes would often steer clear from these flavors since they alter the taste of the coffee. Plus, the change in taste may be good for some but not absolutely appealing to all.

Do we recommend drinking CBD coffee?

On a personal note, we don’t see anything wrong with drinking CBD-infused coffee. In fact, research shows that there are more benefits that you can get from it. CBD does not alter the chemical components of coffee, leaving you with that caffeine and antioxidant boost you’re always looking for in the morning. On the other hand, it also helps in giving you a clearer mind since it relaxes your entire body. Thus, it gives you a less stressed feeling, especially in a toxic working environment.

With that said, we still have mixed feelings about CBD-infused coffee. But, with an explorer’s way of thinking, it can also be quite an adventure to start your day with a kick of CBD in your drink, don’t you think?