Brewing Great Coffee – A Few Tips

We all agree that a great day starts with a cup of rich, flavorful coffee. A great cup of hot java is a perfect way to begin your day, and nothing boosts your productivity more than the dark cup of goodness. And most of the coffee lovers like it black.

What if we want to make that cup at home? We aren’t going to go into the nitty-gritty details, there are a lot of other coffee brewing tutorials on the Internet. We will assume you have the basics covered and teach you advanced tips and tricks.

  • The most important for a perfect cup of coffee is the recipe. You don’t need to understand the recipe, but you need to follow it strictly.
  • There is a direct relationship between the grind size, the brewing temperature, the amount of grounds used and the water quantity. Change one parameter, and your recipe will be way off. You can change one factor, but you will then have to tweak one or more of the other factors as well.
  • Make sure you select great coffee beans. There is two ingredients in a coffee, water and guess what… coffee beans. If your beans are average, your beverage will be average.
  • Since we got one ingredient covered, let’s cover the other one, water. Water is almost more important than the beans. Yes you heard right. Water is more than 95% of the volume of a coffee. If you use bad water, your caffeinated beverage will taste like that. Make sure you use spring water.
  • The grind. Seriously, the grind size and the consistency of the grind makes or breaks a coffee. If you grind to fine, your coffee will be murky with unwanted undertones. Grind it too coarsely, though, and you’ll get a weak and sour liquid that you can’t eve call coffee.
  • Brewing time is also important, because it will determine the strength of your cup. If you brew too long, you will over-extract your coffee and get a bitter drink. Yuk!
  • Water temperature is probably, one of the least understood factors. Some people say brew it with water off the boil. Some say 180 degree Fahrenheit, so your cup is mellow and rounded. It is your decision at the end of the day.

While brewing the coffee, the coffee maker also plays an important role. The most commonly used coffee maker is the automatic drip coffee machine and so it is essential to understand how to brew the coffee using it. A bad coffee maker will not provide a correct temperature for the brewing water, and it will not have a consistent water flow. Many time coffee lovers underestimate the value of using  well built coffee machine.

The least bothered about element while brewing coffee is water. But a bit consideration to this element can drastically change the flavor of your coffee. We suggest you to use fresh filtered water for brewing. Always add fresh and cold water to your coffee maker.

It is a misconception that it is better to add hot water for brewing coffee. Adding hot water directly to your coffee make not only changes the overall flavor of the coffee but can also ruin the coffee maker. So better add cold water only.

Another factor is cleaning the state of the coffee maker. Always ensure that your coffee maker is absolutely clean as the unwanted elements like water sediments and coffee oil can add to the brewing process and will change the taste of the coffee for the worst of it. That is why it is very essential to clean your coffee maker regularly so that nothing gets mixed up with the process of brewing coffee. Also descale your coffee maker when it’s needed.

Going back to the basics, let’s make sure we follow the recipe. A good recipe is a great start for improving the cup and tweaking it to make it your own.

The most common recipe is to use two level teaspoons for every six ounces of water. You can always adjust it according to your taste to make your coffee either darker or lighter. It is better not to a scale to measure your grounds.

Always make fresh coffee, and make only what you drink. Stale coffee is not good.