Large Cancer Study Has Good News For Daily Coffee Drinkers

Heavy coffee drinker? Don’t hesitate and take that big sip. This will be very interesting!

 Large Cancer Study Has Good News For Daily Coffee Drinkers

Large cancer study has good news for daily coffee drinkers

Coffee has been the subject of dozens of studies, some focusing on its health benefits, others on its potential health risks. Though we know the polyphenols found in coffee help promote good health, there’s no clear word on whether coffee is a health risk if consumed frequently. A new large cancer study involving 300,000 people may have the answer.

The study’s lead researcher Jue-Sheng Ong said:

There was some inconclusive evidence about colorectal cancer, where those who reported drinking a lot of coffee had a slightly lower risk of developing cancer, but conversely examination of data from those people with a higher genetic predisposition to drink more coffee seemed to indicate a greater risk of developing the disease.

Ultimately, the study indicates that modifying how much coffee you drink every day likely won’t have an impact on whether you develop cancer.

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