How to Make Coffee with an Automatic Drip Coffee Machine – Infographic

Making a great cup of coffee with an automatic drip coffee machine is not that hard. In fact, most coffee drinkers attempted to operate one, be it at home or at work. Yet many people get discouraged by the poor results they get. Coffee doesn’t quite taste the same as it does at the local coffee shop. This infographic is a brief guide, a shortened version of the extended drip coffee brewing guide at

Drip coffee is made by dripping boiling water over ground coffee, which is ground more coarsely than espresso coffee. Drip coffee is more forgiving than other methods as far as precise measurements go.

How to Make Coffee with an Automatic Drip coffee Machine - Infographic

How To Make Coffee Using a Coffee Machine

Here are a few more tips and tricks for your auto drip coffee brewing routine.

Many people who write about drip coffee have only the experience of these poorly-made machines, and come to the conclusion that all drip coffee is horrible.
The truth is, drip coffee can produce an amazingly aromatic and full bodied brew. However, the proliferation of bad drip machines in America has given drip a bad name, which is unfortunate, because drip coffee can be quite good, and this bias tends to make people biased against pour-overs as well. So make sure you get a good automatic coffee machine, otherwise you’ll just get underwhelming coffee no matter how great the beans you use are.