How to Make Your Coffee Taste Stronger

So you like bold coffee, but all you have at home is a bag of light-roast beans. What to do? Well, one solution is to buy another bag of coffee—but with some small tweaks, it is possible to get dark-roast flavor out of light-roast beans.

To clarify, we’re talking about stronger flavor , not more caffeine. If you want the latter, you’ll just need to brew your coffee for longer (which, as a bonus, can also lead to bolder flavor). And depending on how you measure your coffee beans before brewing—by weight or by the scoop—you […]

Pick a darker roast

If you want “stronger” coffee, choose a darker roast; that bold flavor comes in part from the oil that’s released during roasting.

Increase your brewing time

If a light or medium roast is all you have handy and you need strong coffee now, simply increase your brew time. The longer the grounds sit in water, the more flavor will be extracted from the beans and the stronger your final cup will be.

Change your brewing method

This one may require some investment—and may not help you if you’re reading this at the moment you need your coffee—but certain brewing methods provide stronger results than others. Full-immersion brewers like the French press don’t filter out the oils we mentioned earlier. A pour-over cone has a similar effect. And high-pressure methods like Aeropress (with a metal filter!) can also extract more flavor from your beans.