Next Generation of the Moka Pot – Stovetop Espresso Maker at 9 Bar

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is an upgrade to your regular Moka pot. It does differ from the Moka pot in many ways, and I only mentioned it because it has the same principle, it creates pressure with steam. The main two differences are that 9Barista has a brewing pressure of 9 bar, compared to the Moka pot about 1 bar, and the water temperature at the brewing time is regulated at  93ºC, so coffee doesn’t get burned, (overextracted). You can read more about this project at Kickstarter. And if the price of this stovetop espresso maker makes you cringe, take a look at this Moka pot brewing guide that teaches you how to avoid over-extraction when brewing stovetop espresso.

Jet-Engineered Espresso Makers

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is a premium kitchen device for consumers who are looking for a way to create premium coffee from their home without the need for a high-end appliance.

The espresso maker features a jet-engineered design that promises professional espresso shots using your own fresh grounds instead of using pods as some small coffee makers use. The solid brass design is free of moving parts and electronics to ensure it’s ready to last a lifetime instead of breaking down or becoming obsolete in the near future.

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is manufactured in Britain and is a more eco-friendly option for consumers to use because of the lack of single-use filters or pods.

Barista9’s creator talks about his creation:

It’s based on a completely new principle; the twin-boiler system, where the first boiler creates the high pressures needed for making espresso (9 bar), and the second boiler regulates the brew temperature to 93ºC.

This unique system allows the machine to produce incredibly accurate pressures and temperatures which ensure the ideal extraction for the perfect espresso. One of the great things about this new system is that it has no moving parts (apart from a spring) and no electronics – which makes it inherently simple and reliable.