Stop Buying Coffee and You Could Be a Millionaire

Stop Buying coffee, we absolutely agree with that. Brew it at home and not only you will save a lot of money, but you will enjoy your little new hobby. There is a satisfaction that you get when you do things yourself, and making coffee is probably one of the most rewarding activities. When you nail that perfect cup that you never drunk at Starbucks, you will feel great.

What’s your favorite coffee brewing method? You don’t have one? Check Coffee Brewing Methods for tutorials on how to prepare the stuff at home. Read the article below to get your motivation.

Suze Orman: Stop buying coffee and you could be a millionaireSuze Orman: Stop buying coffee and you could be a millionaire

There are two types of people in this world: Those who enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting in a cafe or while on the go and don’t mind paying for this daily convenience, and those who are convinced that this expenditure is keeping you from knowing true wealth.

The latter are the people who use on using “latte calculators” to add up the amount of Starbucks lattes you spend in a year and shoving it in your face. Try Googling, “I never buy coffee.”

Financial guru Suze Orman has joined the anti-coffee club in a big way. She wouldn’t buy a cup of coffee anywhere, the multi-millionaire tells CNBC Make It. Moreover, she says, a daily coffee habit is the potential waste of a million dollars.

“You go in every single day and you spend a dollar to three dollars,” she chides. Well, more than that, in some cities!

Orman goes on to say that a daily coffee habit is approximately $100 a month, and $100 a month in a Roth IRA over 40 years is a million dollars. We’ll trust her math on that one.

And so, “You are peeing a million dollars down the drain after you are drinking that coffee.”

Yes, Suzie, we are. But boy, do we love our daily coffee ritual – the very best part of a morning routine. Because of course, you’re not always paying for the coffee. Sometimes you’re paying for the convenience, or for a place to site on your way from here to there, or for a few moments alone in the middle of the city.

So what would you rather have at retirement: having enjoyed the many pleasure of a million coffees, or a million dollars? Some days, it’s a toss-up.