The Most Expensive Coffee In the World?

OK, if you thought this was poop coffee you are wrong. We are talking about regular coffee picked from the tree, although at $803 per pound normality kind of dissipates. Intrigued?

The coffee is Elida Geisha Natural from Panama, a rare coffee produced in small quantities and it is very prized for its flavor. The plant’s origins are from Ethiopia, but the seeds were imported in Panama from Costa Rica.

As an Ethiopian coffee, the flavors include strong floral notes, with sugar cane and stone fruit. Some berry notes are also present, imparted by the natural processing.

The coffee is commercialized by one of my favorite coffee roasters Klatch Coffee, and if you are interested in trying the most expensive coffee in the world, you can. Klatch Coffee announced a one day event on May 11th at 11:00 AM. The event is appropriately called The Elida 803 Geisha Natural Experience Event. The admission is $75 and it includes a cup of coffee. A sip would cost about $5.
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