Capresso PRO Steam Based Espresso Machine Review

I am a fan of Capresso. I think they are a good company who care about their coffee. If you take a look at their Wikipedia page you will see that they are responsible for a number of firsts in the industry. We also have a review of the pump based Capresso PRO, which you can read on our website.


Today we are talking about the Capresso PRO steam based espresso maker, as part of our series on steam based espresso machines. How does this coffee maker compare to its competitors? Spoiler alert: it is featured on our page comparing the most popular steam based espresso machines

Capresso Pro Steam Espresso Machine uses a steam boiler to heat the water. The steam creates pressure to force the water into the filter holder and through the coffee grounds to brew the espresso directly into the glass carafe.


The Capresso doesn’t stray from the trend in that it has the same general appearance and style of most steam based espresso machines. It is light and compact and it brews up to four cups of coffee in one go into a glass carafe.

Downward facing carafe handle 

The carafe on this machine stands apart from its competitors though because it has a regular, downward curving  handle. Most other steam based machines have a straight handle like you might expect to find on a portafilter. 

Capresso Steam Pro

I am thrilled with the design of the handle on the Capresso PRO steam based because it makes much more sense to me, it is easier to pour and it looks better. I have always thought the straight handle was a strange design choice in steam based espresso machines.

Steel detailing 

This espresso maker has quite a lot of steel on its body which makes it look more expensive. Most steam based machines are entirely made out of plastic to keep the price down. This is understandable but that doesn’t stop me appreciating a bit of steel when I see it! 

Our take on the Capresso PRO steam based

Capresso PRO steam espresso maker falls in the middle of the steam based machines we reviewed. It has a little bit of everything. It is nice to look at and the coffee it produces isn’t bad. This is especially true for the milk based drinks. The espresso extraction is similar to other, lower priced, steam based machines.

If you are looking for a steam based machine that is also cost effective but in our opinion produces better coffee, take a look at the steam based espresso machine from Sowtech that we have reviewed here.

If, on the other hand, you are in the market for an affordable espresso machine that looks expensive and will be a good physical edition to your kitchen, the machine from Mr. Coffee might be for you. You can take a look at our review of that machine here. 

Amazon rating

This machine has a 3 and a half star average rating on Amazon. This is above average and it not bad at all for a low end, steam based coffee machine. 


Adjustable steam

The main feature to discuss here is the adjustable steam pressure. When you are steaming your milk you can move the little dial to allow for more or less steam pressure. This is very useful and potentially allows you to practice foaming technique and get the best micro-foam out of the machine that it is capable of. 

Quick changeover from coffee to steam 

The controls are also refreshing because the change over from steaming to pulling espresso is nearly instantaneous. Normally with steam based machines or even low end pump based machines you can be waiting a little while for the steam wand to heat up after you have pulled your espresso, by which time the espresso has long turned cold.

Nicely angled steam wand

This steam wand is designed a little more like that of a professional machine. It comes out at a right angle from the machine which makes the wand more accessible and steaming easier. 

Most steam based machines have a plastic wand that extends straight down from the top of the machine. These wands can be a little awkward to use.


The main disadvantage of this machine for me is the price. At $60, it is one of the more expensive steam based espresso machines on the market. I don’t mind at all if a machine is more expensive if I can see why it is.

However I am not really sure if I can see a reason for the Capresso PRO to cost more than its competitors. Sure, it looks pretty sleek and the steam wand features that I talked about make life a bit easier but it doesn’t seem to have anything major to distinguish itself.

As I mentioned, Capresso is a respected brand. It is true that we normally do pay more and are happy pay more for a brand name that we know and trust. I think this is the case here and we should just chalk it up to that. 

The Competition

As we said before, this is one of our favorite machine in the steam based niche. If you still need a few more options to choose from, you can definitely check Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso System, Krups Steam Espresso, or any of the reviewed machines here: Best Steam Based Espresso Machines.