What The Heck Is A Bone Dry Cappuccino?

bone dry cappuccino

There are serious coffee drinkers everywhere that don’t mind standing in line to get their favorite brew. Some will even tell you to not attempt to talk to them until they have had their morning cup of Joe. Then there are those few customers that always want their coffee drink a little different, crazy almost.
Today we have a look at one of those uncommon orders: the Bone Dry Cappuccino!

So, What is a Cappuccino?

For all the non-coffee drinkers, you may not understand the hype and probably have no idea that there are many types of coffee drinks. One of those types is the Cappuccino.

The classic Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee drinks ordered at the coffee shop. It consists of one-third proportions of espresso, steamed milk, and fluffy milk froth.

Wait a Minute! I’ve never had an Espresso before! What is it?

Well, espresso is basically strong coffee. The big difference to traditional drip coffee is, that you don’t pour water over the coffee grounds. Instead, high pressure forces the water through the grinds.

The result is a smooth, dark shot of espresso coffee with a thick layer of Crema.

So is every Cappuccino the same or are there different types?

Good question! Yep, there are different ways to order Cappuccinos. The classic one has already been described above. As a recap, it’s one-third of each espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth. But you may also hear people ordering wet, dry or even bone dry Cappuccinos!

Wait a minute… Aren’t all drinks considered wet? How can a drink be dry or bone dry? More excellent questions! Actually, you shouldn’t take these names too literally.

So what exactly do these non-literal names mean? Let me break it down for you.

Wet Cappuccino

A Wet Cappuccino starts with a shot of espresso at the bottom, followed by a generous amount of steamed milk, and is topped with a thin layer of milk foam. Due to it containing more steamed milk than the other 2 types of liquids, it is called wet. Though maybe a name like “Cappuccino with more milk” or “Cappuccino with extra milk” seems more fitting, but I guess it’s all in good fun. Some people prefer this type because it has a more creamy taste and texture.

Cappuccino Topped with Dry Milk Foam

Dry Cappuccino

The Dry Cappuccino consists of one shot of espresso at the bottom, followed by a smaller amount of milk, and topped off with a thick layer of milk foam. This one is considered dry because it doesn’t contain as much milk.

People prefer this type because the espresso is more dominant and not weakened so much by the steamed milk. The thick layer of foam  also helps to keep the rest of the drink nice and hot.

Bone Dry Cappuccino

Frothing milk

Bone Dry Cappuccinos have once again a shot of espresso at the bottom and a really thick layer of milk foam. That’s right! Only espresso and milk foam. There is no milk whatsoever so that is why it is called bone dry.

Most cafes won’t serve you a bone dry cappuccino without asking for it. Why? Because it’s a pain for baristas to prepare. According to thoughtcatalog, to make a 16 oz cappuccino the Barista needs 32 oz of milk to produce enough milk foam for one cup.

At last, you can personalize your Cappuccinos a bit further because you get to pick the type of milk you want, whether you having a wet or dry cappuccino. You can also add other items for flavor. This can be sugar, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon, you name it. You can even go a step further by drizzling something sweet on top of the foam for a neat little design and for added taste.


So, now you know a little something about cappuccino and if you are ever in the presence of someone who is a coffee drinker, you have a little knowledge about what it is that they are drinking.

If anyone asks “what the heck is bone dry cappuccino”, you can rudely cut off anyone who is about to speak and let your newfound knowledge flow!

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