Coffee Gift Ideas – Practical Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Themed Gift Ideas - Gift Guide

We created this list of gift ideas for coffee lovers with the practical side in mind. Sure we saw on Internet some cool looking gifts, (yeah, we read everything coffee related.)  This list, however, is not about cool gadgets, is more about giving a useful gift.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Any of the gifts on this list will be used for years, and the recipient will think about you every time. We are not opposed to cool looking presents, but they do tend to be forgotten and collect dust in a drawer.

Do you have a coffee lover in your circles and want to get them a nice gift? Do you want them to always remember you when they drink their coffee? Read on. This collection presents you great and practical ideas with price tags ranging from low to very expensive.

What to Buy as a Gift for a Coffee Lover

It is pretty easy to pick something for a coffee enthusiast. People are serious about their caffeinated treat, and they want to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Coffee hobbyists go very technical about all of the aspects, and they don’t mind spending a lot of their time perfecting all of the facets of brewing the black nectar of gods.
Will it be Useful, or it will Collect Dust?

If you know if your friend or family member needs anything special for their coffee needs, the job couldn’t be easier. If you have no idea if they will use it or not, open up a discussion and pretend you are asking for advice.

They’ll bite, coffee lovers cannot refrain from giving advice. In the process, they will go into details and explain how they do it. You’ll figure it out pretty easy from here.

Here are some ideas to get you in the right direction:

  • A bag of goodness roasted to perfection or a bag of new never-tried exotic coffee beans would please any coffee enthusiast. Brazilian beans are universal, but African beans are the hit with snobby addicts like me.
  • For the wannabe enthusiast, a coffee book to expand their coffee knowledge is the perfect gift.
  • Coffee grinding is not only a ritual for any serious coffee drinker but is a must. A good grinder will be a great addition to their tools.
  • If you can spend a little more on your gift, a single serve coffee machine is the best choice for any coffee lover from the wannabe to the coffee snob. A single serve brewer is the perfect balance between the convenience, and the "near to perfection brewed cup of coffee". That makes it desirable for anyone, even for the more pretentious.
  • Don't forget coffee mugs; a coffee mug is an excellent gift for anyone. Just make sure the mug is a good quality one or it has a great design. I got a Starbuck travel mug last Christmas and it’s my favorite.
  • A drip coffee machine could be the something that will make them remember you every time they make coffee. If this is something they need in their kitchen it is the perfect gift. The good thing is that there is a wide price range to match your budget.

Coffee Grinders as a Gift – Buy a Coffee Grinder

If the coffee lover on your gift list doesn’t have a coffee grinder, or they have a bad one, get them one this year! They’ll thank you and you will probably enjoy some great coffee next time you are invited for a cup.

Coffee grinders are very important for coffee enthusiasts because coffee starts to lose its flavor within minutes of being ground. This means that a coffee connoisseur will never buy ground coffee. Buy them a good coffee grinder, and they will enjoy absolute freshness in every single cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinder for a Serious Hobbyist

 Baratza Virtuoso - Espresso Precision Grinder

The Baratza Virtuoso is a great, easy to use, semi-pro coffee grinder. Once you found your perfect espresso grind size, it will deliver a consistent grind day after day. A must-have for espresso lovers.

While a little on the expensive side, the Virtuoso is the choice of many espresso lovers, home baristas. The reason is the grind size adjustment options and the uniformity of the ground coffee.

Many espresso enthusiasts consider the Baratza Virtuoso the perfect grinder for a beginner. What this means is that the Virtuoso is an ideal gift for someone who wants to step up their coffee routine.

Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder – Great Quality Price Ratio

The Capresso grinders are the best bang for your buck. Often compared to the more expensive Baratza Virtuoso, they don’t have the same level of precision as the Virtuoso, but they grind consistently uniform. This is what matters most when it comes to coffee brewing.

The Capresso Infinity comes in three models and ranges between $80 and $140, so you can choose one according to your budget.

The Infinity is the perfect ratio between performance and price, that’s why they are the choice of many coffee lovers. You can read more about this grinder on our Capresso Infinity review.

Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder

Hario is a manual coffee grinder that can grind from Turkish size to French Press. This is an excellent product if you don’t mind the little extra manual work. It is not good for people with arthritis, though. I own one and I love it.

It is the perfect grinder for grinding only what you brew.

Do not ignore the humble manual grinder; serious coffee enthusiasts will tell you that manual grinders are the best.

They turn very slow, so overheating the beans with friction is impossible.

The Hario mill also has ceramic burrs, which reduces the grinder’s weight. The ceramic burrs are harder than the steel, and they will stay sharp longer.

Gourmet Coffee Beans – Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

These are some of my favorite coffee blends. They are different ranging from earthy flavors with the Hawaiian coffee, to delicate aroma and less acidity for the Brazilian beans, to a special espresso blend roast to perfection by the famous coffee house Lavazza.

Peru High Elevation Grown Coffee

Wild Coffee is a Texas-based company that sources their beans carefully, only from high elevation locations, and with a perfect soil.

The beans grown on these carefully selected locations are exquisite, unique, truly gourmet quality.

Peru Light is a light-medium roast beans, organic, fair trade, from the Cajamarca region of Peru. Single-origin sourced, medium bodied, with a nutty taste.

Kicking Horse, Kick Ass Dark Roast – Extra Dark Coffee that Is Not Burnt

If you buy this bag for someone, you better buy one for you as well. This is a great coffee, with a low acidity, and a great aroma and flavor. The bag contains a mix of Indonesian and Colombian beans, dark roasted, which will be gentle on your stomach.

If you are looking for a bold, temperamental, strong, dark roast blend, look no more, this is it. Let’s just add that this is certified organic, and fair trade to convince you.

Have we? Not yet? Then just follow the link to Amazon to see the rave reviews from other people who bought it.

Single Serve Coffee Machines

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

This is one of the best choices of a single serve coffee machine. There are a lot of other options on the market, and it seems impossible to make a decision.

However, for a coffee lover, who loves the full aroma, body, and flavor of his/her coffee, this is, in my opinion, the best choice. For more choices check this page: Single Serve Coffee Machines Comparison.

I love this drip coffee machine because of a few great features, that very few machines have. The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker makes a great gift for anyone who loves a great coffee.

  • First of all, it is a single-serve, you make what you drink and nothing more.
  • Secondly, the price is very affordable, while delivering on all aspects.
  • Thirdly, this coffee machine uses a metal mesh scoop filter, and this is in my eyes one of the best features. The metallic filter only retains the coffee grounds, allowing the oils to pass into your cup, giving it body, and flavor.
  • I love the elegant design and the stainless steel construction of the Scoop Coffee Maker.

CBTL Kaldi Brews – The Perfect Gift for an Espresso Lover

A Nespresso coffee maker is the perfect gift for coffee lovers. It is a great single cup coffee maker, that can deliver a great espresso.

The variety of coffee available with the Nespresso pods makes it one of the favorites of the moment, surpassing in popularity the famous Keurig or Tassimo. You can’t go wrong with this for any coffee enthusiast.

Inissia has a 19 bar pump, providing the 15 bar pressure necessary for brewing espresso. The speedy heating element allow to pull shots in 25 seconds from the moment you turn it on. With a button to select espresso length, between normale and lungo, it is an inexpensive and convenient way to get your daily espresso.

If you are unsure if they like coffee or espresso, you can go for a coffee and espresso machine combo. These machines can brew real drip coffee and pull authentic espresso shots, combining the best of the two worlds.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress coffee and espresso maker brews one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever taste. This innovative coffee maker uses a combination of the ideal water temperature and air pressure, to make an espresso-like coffee with a rich flavor.

The coffee you get is comparable with an espresso machine. It has a lower acidity than drip coffee and no bitterness at all.

Makes 1 to 4 cups of coffee or espresso, with a microfilter for grit-free coffee, and it takes just around 1 minute to make a cup. Aeropress looks cool, and it makes the ideal gift for any coffee drinker, including you.

Travel Mugs Make the Best Gift

Travel Mugs that Work – The perfect Coffee Travel Mugs with no leak

Don’t underestimate the importance of a coffee mug. Coffee gadgets come and go, you use them or not. A travel coffee mug, however, will follow you, or the person who is receiving it, everywhere. They’ll use it at the office, at home, to get that excellent latte macchiato from the coffee shop, and anywhere else they go.

I know I use mine in the office because it’s handy and it keeps my coffee hot longer than my regular mug.

What do you want from your travel coffee mug?

  • To keep the coffee warm as long as possible
  • To not leak
  • To look cool
  • To be easy to wash
  • To withstand the travel abuse

Travel Kuppe – the Modern Travel Cup

The Travel Kuppe is, you guessed it, a travel cup. It looks modern, and it is very functional at the same time. The cup is spill-proof, insulated, and secures the liquid with a twist cap.

The stainless steel design makes it virtually unbreakable, so it’s going to last years. The cup has 16 oz capacity, so it is perfect for generous lattes, and regular coffee.

What makes this cup interesting is the stainless steel straw that comes with it. They even include a cleaning brush for the straw. Oh, did I mention the cup was dishwasher safe?

Pour Over Coffee Gifts

Pour over coffee is one of the rediscovered coffee brewing techniques. Coffee enthusiasts ditch their automatic drip coffee machine in favor of this single cup manual drip brewers. And they rave about it.

Yeah, there might be a little too much hype about pour over. This brewing method, however, has the advantage that lets you tweak your brew to the slightest details. This is the opposite of what great automatic drippers do.

OK, I got carried a little too much. The message is here that for a coffee geek this is a great gift because it allows them to make the perfect coffee.

Chemex Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Chemex manual drippers are some of the most popular. The nice look of the glass device is probably part of the reason. However, much of Chemex’s popularity is because of the great coffee it makes.

Don’t think that you can use a cheaper version of it and get the same results, (unless of course, that is a perfect copy of the original).

The unique shape of the glass dripper, and most importantly, the filter design is the secret.

The original Chemex filters are thicker than the regular paper filters, but they allow a faster drip. The filters are designed to work correctly with the brewing pot.

Hario V60 Buono Kettle

Hario V60 Buono Pour Over Kettle

Hario V60 Buono is one of the best kettles for pour over brewing. Hario is a simple stovetop kettle, but what makes it unique is the excellent control during the pouring.

The swan neck spout makes it very easy to control the water flow and to direct it all over the coffee bed, for a uniform extraction.

The balance of the kettle makes it easy to handle it and to not over-pour when it’s not the case. The price makes it very attractive for coffee lovers.

This kettle holds about 1.2 liters, (27 ounces), and is made from stainless steel. The plastic parts, the handle, and the lid’s knob don’t come in contact with your coffee at any time. Hario is one of the most wished for pour over kettles.

Kone Coffee Filter – Reusable

The metallic filters for drip are an acquired taste. Not everybody like the coffee that comes out from a mesh filter. If you haven’t tried it before, you should, though.

I love a full-bodied coffee, and I don’t mind a cloudy cup. The screen allows all the extracted oils to pass through into your cup.  This gives your final cup more personality and makes it more flavorful and tasty.

The Kone filter from Able brewing fits perfectly the Chemex, and the Hario V60 02 and 03. It is made of stainless steel, and the upper ring is food-safe plastic.

Uses a finer grind, which improves the extraction dramatically. It is 60$, I know, a little too expensive, but is worth the expense.

For an in depth review check this article.