Kone Coffee Filter Review – Chemex Permanent Filter

Kone Coffee Filter and ChemexThe Kone coffee filter from Able Brewing is a little expensive for a screen filter, I have to admit that, but it is indeed a great bit of gear. Kone is not your regular average metal coffee filter. Its chic design has impressed many coffee drinkers and home brewers. The reliability of the filter from Able is something that you don’t see anymore on the market.

The Kone is designed with micro-filtering holes which serve to let through more of the flavors and oils from the coffee which we associate with French press coffee compared to paper filters whilst still producing a clean brew which we expect from a pour over. The best of both worlds! Let’s see some of the features and my experience using the Kone.

The Kone metal filter is designed for Kone’s brewing system, but it works perfectly with Chemex pour over devices too, (the 6, 8 and 10 cups brewers from Chemex). Although I haven’t tested, it should work with other brewers too. The dimensions are 5″ diameter and 4″ height.

Economic and Environmentally Friendly

Able Brew Kone Filter I am not exaggerating when I say that the Kone really is a permanent coffee filter. It is made from extremely durable stainless steel and would probably outlast most of your other coffee equipment. Though it may seem expensive at first, the price for me was quickly justified when I realized I would never have to buy another box of paper filters again.

For a coffee addict such as myself, who brews with the Kone on a regular basis, that means saving a lot of money! But that’s not the main reason I wanted the Kone. The other advantage of a permanent filter is the fact that it is a bit greener and kinder to the environment as it produces no waste. Still not the main reason I bought the cone. The reason I wanted the Kone is that it makes awesome coffee, and I’ll explain in a bit why.

Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter

Design of the Able Brewing Kone

Able Brewing has now brought out the third and most recent update to the Kone’s design. This latest version of the famous now, stainless steel filter has a few new and impressive features. It comes with a plastic rim which fits comfortably onto your Chemex or other brewing devices. This feels much more secure and I felt a lot more relaxed using this Kone compared to the older generations.

Another feature that sets this Kone apart from its older brothers is the flat tip. First and foremost this is a lot safer than the pointed tip in generations one and two. You don’t have to worry about leaving the Kone lying around if there are kids in the kitchen. The flattened tip also results in a much better filtering process as the water flow is not obstructed. I noticed a big difference in the quality of my cup of coffee. The Kone is also one of the only perforated permanent filters on the market. This means it is easier to clean. Able Brewing improved on the design yet again for this latest Kone and the spent coffee grounds literally just fall straight out of the Kone and into your recycling.


I already said I am a big fan of stainless steel coffee filters, not just because they are handier, but also because they produce such a great tasting coffee. The Kone filter holes are perfectly designed so that more of the flavors and oils from the bean pass into your coffee cup while retaining the sediment that is familiar with in French press coffee. This means that the coffee brewed with the Kone has the perfect balance of robust and full flavors whilst still having the fresh and clean qualities which make pour over coffee so popular. Chemex and Kone BrewingFor me, Kone is the perfect mix. I am always struggling to tread the balance between flavor and a clean cup. I’d rather drink a muddier cup if that gives me more flavors. Not the case with Able Brewing’s filter, since you have a clean, fully flavored cup. Well, don’t expect it to be as clear as a paper filter brewed coffee, but the microparticles are what gives it the body and the aroma.

Quick Look at the New Able Kone Coffee Filter

If you are a visual person, this video helps you understand better the concept behind the Kone, and how to use it.

Disadvantages of the Kone Coffee Filter

Yeah, it’s critique time. It breaks my heart to say a negative thing about it, but I have to if I want to remain objective. Though I am very impressed with my Kone, there was one feature which I struggled to get the hang of. The micro-cut laser filter holes travel all the way up to the lip of the Kone. This can sometimes result in the water spilling out of the sides of the Kone without coming into contact with the coffee. And it means is that the Kone requires slightly more attention than a Chemex brewed with paper filters. This is not a major problem for me though. It is, in the end, a pour over device, and not an immersion brewer.

The Kone works best when water is added little by little so that it doesn’t sit on top of the coffee bed. This just leaves a little less room for mistakes when you are preparing your coffee in the morning and is slightly more time-consuming. Also, it’s not wise to prepare your coffee while doing other things in the kitchen. I think this is a small price to pay and anything done well takes a little time.

Oh, and since we talked about the price to pay, this is my second critique about the Kone, it’s expensive.

Final Notes and Overall Rating

Gold Kone Coffee Filter

The Kone permanent coffee filter from Able Brewing makes me a very happy man in the morning. It is so nice to have a cup of coffee which tastes like it is made with the French press without all of the problems associated with it, not to mention the cleanup! The Kone is one of my favorite ways of brewing coffee in the mornings. I deduct one point only because of the slightly more particular brewing process but otherwise, it is perfect. Nine out of ten for Able Brewing’s excellent innovation.
As a closing paragraph, I’d like to mention that Kone has a gold plated version. I secretly wish Santa brings me one of those for Christmas. It is a little steep. Anyway, if you can afford it, that Kone is the real deal, I will soon write a blog post on why golden filters make coffee taste better.

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