Aerobie, Inc. is the company founded by Alan Adler, a consulting engineer and teacher at Stanford University. Aerobie’s creations include various toys and the manual coffee maker the AeroPress.

The earliest creation of Alan Adler, the Aerobie flying ring, was a great market success, and served as the foundation for the company.

Alan Adler is an engineer who was originally interested in developing and perfecting superior sporting goods. The Aerobie company was founded in 1984. It wasn’t until 2004 that Adler started experimenting with the coffee brewing process.

Aerobie unveiled the Aeropress at a coffee industry trade show in November of 2005. Aerobies’s Aeropress quite literally changed the coffee brewing game. The Aeropress is considered an independent coffee brewing method that is unique from other brewing methods such as espresso and filter coffee brewing. However, the Aeropress  yields a final cup that has tastes and properties similar to both espresso coffee and filter coffee.

Aerobie are a fine example of how different disciplines and backgrounds can combine and cross over to create an amazing product. Adler has an engineering background and no formal coffee training experience yet was able to create a coffee brewing method that many baristas and speciality coffee drinkers consider to be the most superior coffee brewing method.