Alan Adler

Alan Adler is an American inventor. His inventions include aerodynamic toys, such as footballs with fins and flying rings and discs. His Aerobie Pro flying ring set several world records for the farthest thrown object. In 2005 he invented a coffee brewing device and method called the AeroPress. He has approximately 40 patents in electronics, optics, and aerodynamics.

Adler revolutionized the coffee industry with the Aeropress. He invented a whole new way of brewing, different to filter coffee or espresso brewing but with notes of both in the final cup.

Adler created a method of brewing that provides an extremely smooth and even extraction, that is extremely cheap and portable and that requires no electricity. Adler has allowed those who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a barista home setup to be able to brew and experience speciality coffee.

Adler’s Aeropress has also its own world brewing championship, which is a mark of its success.

Adler has broken down walls and stereotypes by creating the Aeropress without having a background in coffee but rather in engineering, proving that disciplines can be mixed and boundaries can be crossed in order to create a superior product.

Alan Adler‘s list of lecturing credentials is long. He currently lectures at Stamford University and has previously lectured at NASA, The Royal Aeronautical Society, Princeton and California Institute of Technology, to name a few.