coffee substitute

Chicory Coffee Espresso Shot
Chicory Coffee Espresso Shot

A coffee substitute is a substance that is consumed instead of coffee. It will normally have coffee like properties such as taste and appearance. Coffee drinkers will often drink coffee substitutes if they are trying to avoid coffee but want to have the coffee experience.

The most common reason for avoiding coffee is generally for those who are sensitive to caffeine or who feel it has negative effects on their lifestyle such as impaired sleep.

Coffee substitutes became popular during World War II when coffee was in short supply and was rationed.

Coffee substitutes are often made from roasted grains such as wheat, barley and rye.

Popular roasted grain coffee substitutes are Nestlé Caro (known also as Pero), Postum and Inka.

Another popular coffee substitute is roasted chicory root. This drink is especially popular in Louisiana. It is sometimes drunk just as chicory root or else a drink of half coffee, half chicory is consumed, known as chicory coffee.

Roasted chicory boasts various health benefits as it is an insoluble fibre and is good for gut health. Chicory also acts as a calming agent in the body and is effective in counteracting the potential negative effects of caffeine in certain caffeine sensitive individuals.