Cuisinart is a brand for small kitchen appliances, especially the food processor of the same name, one of the first to become popular in the United States.

Cuisinart is owned by Conair Corporation. The company was founded in 1972 by Carl Sontheimer, who wished to honor his love of French food and to bring the first electric food processor to the U.S market.  This was successful and the first model was launched at a food show in 1973. The name of the company was similarly inspired and is a portmanteau of the French word cuisine, which means food, and the word art.

To this day, the Cuisinart food processor is considered by many to be the definitive electric food processor and the name “Cuisinart” is synonymous with “food processor”.

Cuisinart are champions of Universal Design. This is the pursuit of machine design that is accessible to everyone. For example, their machines typically have large buttons and font size to cater to those who have poor eye sight.

As coffee manufacturers, Cuisinart mainly produce filter coffee machines, as opposed to espresso machines. One of their popular filter coffee machines, in a similar way to the Flex Brew by Hamilton Beach Brands, acts as a standard, bulk brew filter coffee machine, as well as a single cup coffee maker.