coffee grind size

Coffee ground with a blade grinderWhat Is Coffee Grind Size?

Grind size is an important factor in coffee preparation, and it refers to the how fine or coarse the coffee bean is ground in order to prepare the coffee beverage.

What Is the Coffee Grind Size for the Major Brewing Methods?

In general, each coffee brewing method has its own grind size range, specific to the extraction parameters. For some methods, the grind size and consistency are very important, while for others not critical, but still important.

The universally accepted standards for grind size are the following:

  • Turkish Coffee, (Greek Coffee) – the finest grind, powder, (flour).
  • Espresso – second finest, (table salt).
  • Drip coffee – medium-fine to medium and medium-coarse. This includes pour-over drip, immersion drip, and automatic drip coffee makers.
  • French press, percolator, cold brew – coarse grind size.

How does the Grind of Coffee Affect Extraction Rate?

The coffee extraction rate increases with a larger contact area. Finer ground coffee has more surface area, hence a higher extraction rate. This translates in a higher concentration, (stronger coffee). The brewing parameters also need to be adjusted accordingly. With a higher extraction rate, we need less brewing time. At the same time, a finer grind will reduce the flow rate and as a result, the contact time. 

How does the Grind Affect the Taste of Coffee?

Considering the extraction rate, coffee can be under extracted, if the grind size is too coarse, and it will taste sour, underdeveloped and weak. Coffee will be over extracted if we grind too fine, and it could taste bitter and too strong.

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