National Coffee Association

The National Coffee Association (NCA) or (National Coffee Association of U.S.A. , Inc. ), is the main market research, consumer information, and lobbying association for the coffee industry in the United States. Surveys produced by the NCA are widely cited in mainstream media. The association has numerous functions and services that include: Market and scientific research Domestic and international government relations, including lobbying Public relations and education.

NCA supports coffee businesses in various ways, and its members are from all coffee industry areas: coffee shops, coffee roasters, coffeemaker manufacturers, nonprofit and educational organizations, distributors, coffee farms and growers. 

The National Coffee Association was formed in 1911 as the first association for the United States coffee industry. It is one of the oldest trade associations in the country.

Members of the NCA consist mainly of small to mid-sized companies. The National Coffee Association membership makes up over 90% of all United States coffee commerce.

The NCA has a research and survey branch founded in 1950 called National Coffee Drinking Trends which publishes a statistical research report every year.

The National Coffee Association is perhaps most well known by the masses for the ‘Coffee Achievers’ ad campaign in the 1980’s which featured many famous stars of the day and was subsequently referenced regularly in pop songs and culture.