Postum is a powdered roasted grain beverage often used as a coffee substitute. The caffeine-free beverage was created by Post Cereal Company founder C. W. Post in 1895 and marketed as a healthful alternative to coffee. (The Postum Cereal Company eventually became General Foods, which was bought by Kraft Foods. ) Post was a student of John Harvey Kellogg, who believed caffeine to be unhealthy. The “instant” drink mix version was developed in 1912, replacing the original brewed beverage.

Postum first gained immense popularity, along with other coffee substitutes, during World War II, when coffee was rationed.

Postum is made from wheat bran, wheat and molasses. It is therefore a gluten containing beverage and is not suitable for those who have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Postum is a sweet beverage by nature due to the added molasses.This makes it preferable as a beverage for those who have a sweet tooth. This is especially relevant for those who use Postum as a coffee substitute and who would take sugar in their coffee. Other grain based coffee substitutes such as Inka and Caro aren’t as naturally sweet as Postum, which could be considered an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the individual.