Gaggia Titanium Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Titanium makes a breeze the preparation of a latte, a cappuccino or brewing a cafe crema.

Cafe crema, if you didn’t know, is a type of espresso more diluted than a lungo, but the shot doesn’t have water added to it as in cafe Americano, but the extraction is just prolonged a little bit. (It’s more than that, but not the purpose of this article).

So this machine can adjust exactly the parameters so you can get the most flavorful cup of coffee you have ever had.


Unfortunately, Gaggia Titanium was discontinued. The Titanium was a great machine but it was replaced by Gaggia Naviglio which is an amazing coffee maker. While the market still awaits for Naviglio, the Titanium is off the shelves and we can only buy it as a used item. You can still read our review of it.

Introduction to Gaggia Titanium

Gaggia Titanium 90500 Features

Gaggia 90500 Titanium is probably one of the best selling super automatic espresso machines. The feature set, the robustness, and reliability, make this machine a frequent item on the wishlist of many coffee lovers. Here are a few of the Gaggia Titanium features I love most:

  • Great milk steamer/frother, with or without attachment.
  • Super grinder with 18 grind settings,
  • A dose control option for an additional kick to your espresso shot.
  • Cup pre-heater for up to 6 cups.
  • Brewing temperature control for perfect end results.
  • Beverage volume pre-programmed buttons for small, medium, and large coffee volume.
  • The Gaggia Titanium announces you when you have to add water, beans, or clean the machine, by displaying a message on the electronic display.
  • With a bypass doser, it allows the use of pre-ground coffee, for decaf, or other specialties.
  • Large water tank – 60 ounces, is easy to remove for convenient manipulation, or it can be filled in place.
  • Large bean hopper.
  • The spout can be adjusted to fit small cups, as well as larger ones, with a push of a button.
  • Double boiler to avoid waiting between brewing and steaming milk.
  • Fast warm up.
  • The default settings give you a great coffee without having to tweak the brewing.

Pros and Cons of the Titanium


  • Great coffee with the default settings
  • Great tweaking options
  • Double boiler
  • Makes caffe crema


  • The warranty might be a bit cumbersome if you need it. (You have to package it perfectly, and use expensive shipping options.)
  • The dreaded ventilate message, when the pump sucks in air. Watch the video below, it shows you how to manually prime your pump.
Ventilating the Gaggia Titanium
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