Espro French Press Coffee Maker Review

Espro French Press Coffee MakerThe French press is one of the best coffee makers options for a few reasons. It is a simple, easy to use device, that delivers a great coffee despite the simplicity. But the French pot has also its design flaws, which puts off a lot of coffee lovers.

The folks from Espro looked at all of the flaws of the regular glass French press, and they created a coffee maker that fixes all these flaws. Read on to see how they corrected these problems.

Regular French Press vs Espro French Coffee Press

One of the press pot’s flaws is the pot itself. The glass walls will allow the coffee to lose temperature very fast, and that is bad in two ways. When the water drops the temperature, the extraction is slowed down to a minimum. This causes the extraction of flavor and aroma to virtually stop after the first minute. The lower the steeping temperature, the poorer the extraction. The other problem, the more obvious one, is that coffee will be cold after a few minutes.

Espro French Coffee Press - FilterAnother problem with French pots is the filtering system. The mesh filter, while perfect for Turkish coffee lovers like me, it’s a big disappointment for drip coffee style lovers.

The filter of a regular French press coffee maker will allow some grounds in the cup.
Because the Espro French Coffee Press is designed with two filters, both of them finer than you regular press pot. The cup you will get from the Espro is much cleaner than any other press pot.

The most annoying problem with regular, inexpensive French pots is that the glass breaks. The pot is made of glass, and most of the manufacturers use glass that is not thick enough, and it sometimes breaks when you pour the hot water.

The fix for this is to pour the water in two steps, firstly pour only a little water, just to cover the coffee grinds, and allow the glass to slowly warm up. Then add a little more water, this will warm up the glass more, give it 10 seconds to transfer more heat to the glass, and then pour the rest of the water. While this is a possible fix, it’s not the most elegant way to make coffee.

With the Espro press, you don’t have the risk of thermal shock, as the brewer is made entirely from metal. It’s not just any metal, it’s high-quality stainless steel. You just pour hot water and that’s it.

8 Ounce Espro French Coffee Press

Espro, a Canadian company, comes to our help and fixes all these problems with their innovative Espro Press. Their design team has recognized the flaws of the regular French pot and they came up with a press pot to fix all of these problems.

The Espro press features stainless steel double wall, which fixes both the pot’s durability and the heat dissipation problem. You can add as much water as you want, the pot will not break anymore. You can drop it, and abuse it if you are clumsy like me, the pot will take a few dents easily. With the double wall the brewing temperature is maintained for considerably longer times, so you can get a full extraction.

This model holds up to 10 cups per brew which is a lot of coffee. If this seems too much for a single person, you can take a look at their 8 oz model below.

How to Brew with Espro Video

This video explains how to use the Espro. But really, making coffee with an Espro is the same as using a French press from any other brand.

Other Tips for Making Coffee with a French Press

Espro Coffee PressPower Tip: you can brew at lower temperatures, and steep for longer times. This will make the extraction closer to a cold coffee type of extraction, easier on the stomach for those with problems.

The special double microfilter is designed to filter in two steps, in order to eliminate the silt and the grits in your cup. It still gives you a full-bodied, black and strong coffee. It also allows all the coffee oils to pass through the screen. With the Espro French coffee press though, there are no more grounds in your cup.

More than that, in order to avoid accidental coffee grounds slipping by the filter, the plunger is equipped with a silicone gasket.
These two little innovations allow the Espro pot to deliver an exceptionally clean coffee, which is the main complaint of many French press users.

The perfect companion for this excellent press pot is a kettle.

I have a friend who once asked me why my French pot coffee was so good, and his was only OK. He used the same beans, the same quantity, the same pot, and we live in the same neighborhood, so his tap water was the same as mine. He said he watched me a few times brewing and he knew he followed my brewing method. And I knew immediately what was the problem, as during my French pot initiation time I had the same problem: the water temperature.

Variable Temperature Kettle

The water temperature when hits the grounds should be between 195-205F. What I do, is to use a kettle with a controlled temperature heating system. I program the kettle to a few degrees higher than what I need. For my regular coffee, I program my kettle to 205F, and I steep for 4 minutes. That hits the spot. However, depending on the size of your pot and the grind size, you can steep between 3 to 6 minutes. I like mine muddier, so I grind it fine, for my friends I grind coarser.

The Breville BKE820XL is one of the most advanced digital kettles on the market. A powerful 1500 watt heating element ensures water is brought to boil fast. With 5 preset temperatures, it is flexible enough to let you prepare various beverages:

  • 175F for Green Tea;
  • 185F for White Tea;
  • 195F for Oolong Tea;
  • 200F for French Press: and
  • 212F for boiling and black tea

You can take a look at some other options on our page about variable temperature kettles.

Quick Look at the New Espro Coffee Press (Large)
There is a small variant of Espro, which looks great, and it fits anywhere in your kitchen. It works great for one cup at a time, so you can take it to work, to offer yourself an escape from the drip coffee routine. You can find it on Amazon, buy it here: Espro 8 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Press.
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