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SterlingPro French press coffee brewer
SterlingPro French press on Amazon

Sterling Pro French press is one of the best rated press pots on the market. Why is a great product? Because it solves many of the typical problems with other press pots, while staying at a low price. We are going to show here the qualities of the Sterling Pro and why it beats the competition.

Some of the problems that are typical in French press coffee such as the excess grinds in the coffee and its fragile brewing beaker have led some consumers to give up on French press brewing. They switched over to other types of coffee makers for their daily cup of joe, among which the increasingly popular AeroPress. It is difficult to justify sticking to the French press coffee brewing method when you have to replace your pot every month. Lots of people do go through the effort of replacing their pot regularly because the coffee is just so good. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a French press that you didn’t have to replace so often? Or to have a cleaner cup of joe without the occasional grits?

The Sterling Pro French press, solves these problems! It has been designed with features such as a double plunge screen and heat resistant glass that explain why it is a cut above the rest. Read on and see in more detail how the Sterling Pro solves the problems associated with French pot brewing.

Double Screen Filter – No More Grounds in Your Coffee

SterlingPro Double ScreenThe Sterling Pro comes with a double screen instead of the usual one. This is closely fitted against the wall of the chamber. This new type of screen makes sure that there are absolutely no coffee grinds in your coffee. Coffee grounds in your mug is one of the main reasons why consumers switch from using a French pot to make their coffee. The Sterling Pro solves this problem! This also means that you can try a finer grind with your coffee and this high quality press will catch every grind, giving you a smooth cup of joe. A finer grind means a shorter steeping time, which is always a major plus for coffee brewers and drinkers.

Heat resistant glass – A Longer Life for Your Brewer

Sterling Pro French Press reviewAnother reason why the Sterling Pro is one of the best rated products in the niche is the heat resistant glass that it is made with. As a French press gets older, when it has been used a lot and probably been through quite a few dish wash cycles, the glass starts to weaken and eventually breaks. I’m sure I’m not the only person whose French pot exploded all of a sudden because it just couldn’t take the heat anymore! I would also be lying if I said that I had never opened up my dishwasher to find my beloved French press in pieces everywhere. There are very few reports of broken Sterling Pro because the beaker is made of heat resistant glass, and if you are careful when handling it, you will have it forever. The borosilicate heat resistant glass ensures that your Sterling Pro will last you longer and that you won’t get any more of those nasty surprises in the morning when your press pot decides it has had enough and it is going to go out with a bang.

Sterling Pro French Press Is Economic

What is even more surprising for what is truly the best French press on the market is that it isn’t too expensive. You can pick one up from Amazon here on sale at the moment for a great price. This special offer includes two replacement screens free of charge.

Brewing French press coffee doesn’t have to be expensive. The pot brews about 34oz. of coffee, (that is about 4-5 mugs), this is enough for an entire family. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, which is thermoresistant, so it doesn’t break when you pour hot water. The double screen is really helping with eliminating the silt in your cup, and it is an innovation in the domain. Overall, a great product, with lots of positive reviews on Amazon.


Not only does the clever design of the Sterling Pro mean that it is one of the most durable products, it also ensures that it is one of the safest French presses on the market. The lid has a plastic lining that seals the coffee securely inside the brewing chamber.

The plastic lining protects you from getting burned during brewing. If you are a French press fan, you probably noticed how hot the lid can be, and you literally burn yourself, if you are not careful. This little design improvement insulates the metal lid from the hot content of the beaker.

Overall Quality of the SterlingPro French Press

The Sterling pro is nicely designed, with good materials, it feels solid, and it is reliable. It can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher, and the beaker can be taken out of its frame for easier handling during washing.

One other thing worth mentioning is the plastic liner that doubles the lid. This insulates the lid from the brew, and it prevents the lid getting too hot, and keeps the coffee hotter during preparation.

Sterling Pro is a best seller on Amazon, and the buyers’ reviews are great. Take a look at these reviews, and make an informed opinion about it.

Cuisinart Variable Temperature Kettle

A variable temperature kettle is the best companion for a press pot. The French press brewing temperature is very important. Controlling the temperature is crucial for a great cup. Furthermore, coffee beans, and personal taste might require a bit of temperature adjustment to the standard brewing temperature. I brew sometimes at lower temperatures, and for longer times. This improves my final cup, because I don’t extract the bitter compounds associated with boiling water.

Cuisinart CPK-17 is a variable temperature kettle with a few presets. For the French press range you have the 190 degrees F, 200 and Boil Black settings, which will cover the needs of most French press lovers. For those with a need for higher precision, the Bonavita kettle is the perfect choice. The Cuisinart variable kettle is a great choice because it’s very easy to operate, and the heating system is very precise.


Freshly Brewed French Press Coffee
Photo by Christy via Flickr.

The one feature of the Sterling Pro French press that I couldn’t get over was its visual appeal. This great coffee maker is a lovely looking device that has all the charm of a traditional French press but still looks modern and elegant. The frame is elegant shiny, with chromed elements that make it “stand out from the crowd”.

The 34 ounce capacity also means that the Sterling Pro would make a great present and would also be a great addition to any dinner party or event. My feeling is that no dinner party is complete without a good quality French pot to finish off the evening.

It’s obvious why the Sterling Pro is the best rated French press on the market. You can now have the best of all worlds with your coffee. You don’t need to compromise on price or convenience for that unforgettable French coffee taste. With the Sterling Pro you can cheat the system. With the Sterling Pro you can have it all.

French Press Maintenance Tips

These tips apply to any press pot, not only to Sterling Pro, and they will help you get a nice cup every time, and extend the life of your coffee maker.

  • Wash the filter/screen immediately after using it. Failing to do so will make it harder to clean the coffee sediments and you will have to scrub the filter and shorten its life.
  • Clean the beaker every time after using it. The coffee sediments on the pot will make your coffee taste yucky.
  • Wait until the glass cools off, and then wash the beaker. The glass is heat resistant, but high temperature differences will make the glass more fragile.
  • When brewing, add just a little bit of hot water at first, this allows a gradual heating of the glass, protecting it from high temperature differences.
  • Warm up the pot before brewing, for the same reason, avoid high temperature differences.
  • From time to time unscrew the screens from the plunger and clean them up thoroughly.


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