Cappuccino vs Latte Coffee Maker – Is There any Difference?

What Is the Difference Between a Latte and a Cappuccino Machine?

Cappuccino Making with Super-Automatic Machine Most of the espresso machines on the market will let you brew both latte and cappuccino. So is there really a difference between the equipment that brews latte or cappuccino? Yes, there is a difference, and that difference could save you serious money. Most manufacturers won’t tell you what that feature is, because they want you to buy the more expensive equipment. However, latte machines are less expensive.

Let me explain this. Ask any barista what are the ingredients for a cappuccino and they’ll tell you espresso and milk; the same for a latte. The difference is that latte contains a lot more milk than cappuccino, and many times flavors as well. We can say that cappuccino is a coffee beverage, and latte is a milk beverage. In a cappuccino, the featured ingredient is still the espresso shot. If the espresso tastes funny, you will notice it right away. In a latte, the espresso shot is there just to provide you with the jolt of caffeine, and to add a little flavor to your milk. Coffee chains, like Starbucks, will take advantage of this and use mediocre espresso because nobody knows how it tastes since it is drenched in milk. Here is an article we wrote about the difference between cappuccino and latte.

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Based on the difference we talked about, if latte is your beverage of choice, you can save some serious money. You don’t have to buy an expensive machine to make lattes. The espresso-making side of the machine can be easily replaced with any other cheaper brewing equipment. For lattes, you can buy a cheap coffee maker with a built-in milk frother. For cappuccinos though, you still need a machine with a good espresso unit, and this makes it more expensive.