Hamilton Beach Scoop vs Keurig – Ground Coffee vs Capsule-based Single Serve

Use Ground Coffee with Single Serve

Keurig and Hamilton Beach Scoop are probably the best coffee machines that allow you to use your own ground coffee to brew a cup. The single serve is the best coffee machine invention, that allows you as a coffee lover to brew only what you drink and to have it always fresh, and fresh is everything for your cuppa Joe, as you already know.

Why would you want to use your own ground beans with a single cup coffee maker? If money sounds too trivial for you, (even if we are taking big savings), then maybe I should mention the ability to use whatever exotic beans you want. Something that you can’t possibly find in a capsule.

Still not convinced? How about freshly ground coffee, that goes from the grinding machine straight into the brewing cycle? Are you convinced already? OK, then maybe the enormous plastic waste inherent with the capsule brewing will help you decide.

Hamilton Beach Scoop vs Keurig

Keurig Machine
Keurig Coffee Machine (Photo by Mark Buckawicki)


Hamilton Beach Scoop It is a convenient coffee machine, but you still have to deal with grinding the beans, and filling up the scoop as there is no option for capsules or pods. Keurig Is the more convenient of the two, you just pop in the capsule and press a button. Waking up to a Keurig is almost magical.

Price per cup

Hamilton Beach Scoop – Very cheap, only the price per beans, there can’t be any cheaper than that. Keurig – Very cheap with My K-Cups, or other refillables but is more expensive with capsules. But the capsules make it so easy to use, and if we don’t use capsules it kind of defeats the purpose.


Hamilton Beach Scoop – Costs around 60$ Keurig – a decent machine costs around 120$

Coffee strength

Hamilton Beach Scoop – You can get a strong coffee. Keurig – You CANNOT get a strong cup, (if that’s your preference)


The Scoop – brews great; however, I heard people complaining about the metallic taste of the metal filter. I personally didn’t taste that. Keurig – Great with both capsules and refillable. Make sure you use a good capsule though.


The HB is the definite winner – it looks better, and it integrates nicely in most of the kitchens. The Keurig – looks decent, and some people like it more than the Scoop. This very subjective though.


Hamilton Beach Scoop – Very silent. I don’t have to wake up the whole family in the morning when I brew my coffee. Keurig – It is a bit noisier than the HB.

Keurig K40/K45 Elite

Keurig is a great single serve coffee machine, and there is a multitude of beans choices of K-cups. However, I am the most impressed with Keurig’s openness to allow people to use their own. This is easily achieved by using their My K-Cup, the reusable K-Cup coffee filter Keurig, unlike many competitors on the market, allows you to use whatever coffee you want. And this is very important because makes the brewer so much versatile.

You can use the brewer as designed, with the K-Cups, which makes the Keurig machines easy to use and convenient, no mess, and no cleaning needed. But you can use it with the My K-Cup, which is a reusable filter.

You can put your choice of coffee in the refillable filter and pop it in as you would do with any regular capsule. There are other refillable K-Cup manufacturers, so you can buy the one that suits your needs. You think now, why would you buy a Keurig brewer, and not the Black & Decker Personal Coffeemaker, with a save of about 100$? Well, the Keurig’s special design includes a small pump, to push the water under pressure through the grounds, the brewed result being a much more flavorful cup.

My K-Cup Reusable K-Cups from Keurig

Allows users to use their own ground coffee in a Keurig brewer
Works in Keurig home brewers B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, and B60 Special Edition
Easy to use, allows for major savings per cup of coffee
It’s the original Keurig My K-Cup

Keurig Single Serve Video Review

Demo of the Keurig Coffee Brewing System

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop is one of my favorite brewers. First of all, it is absolutely gorgeous with its shiny finish. In fact, it was awarded a prize for its design. What is great about the Single Serve Scoop, is its ability to brew a great, flavorful coffee. This is due to its special mesh filter, and scoop filter, that combined allow all aromatic oils to go through into your cup, but retain the grinds for a pleasurable cup.

The result is a cup of Joe in between drip coffee and Turkish coffee, bold and flavorful as Turkish coffee, but without the grinds in the cup, and without the specific cloudiness. Trust me it tastes great. The machine is enough versatile to allow you to chose different grind size, depending on how bold you want your coffee.

With finer grinds, you choose the bold setting, so the coffee drips slower, with coarser grinds choose regular, for a normal drip.

Important: This is a common mistake of the Single Serve Scoop owners, they don’t adjust the brewing according to the grind size, and the water overflows in the brewing chamber.

Durable stainless steel
Award design
Scoop and brew, no mess operation
Easy to brew, easy to measure the grind size
Great looking

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Black & Decker Personal Coffeemaker

If all you need from your coffee maker is an inexpensive brewer that makes just one cup, Black & Decker is one of the best choices. Simple design, yet very effective, it gives you a great cup every time.

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