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espresso cupWe are a group of friends, all with a passion for coffee, who decided to write about their love for the nectar of gods. People ask us if we are specialists in the field, some of us are most of us are not, we just love to share our findings with other people.

In a market driven by sales and marketing, all products are supposed to be the best, and in a way, all are. So if all products and coffee makers are the best, and all coffee brewing is great, how do we choose  between them? That’s exactly our point. We want to make it easier for people to understand the differences between all the brewing methods, and between various coffee-making equipment and gadgets. In our opinion there is no bad brewing method, there is only poorly brewed stuff.

Brewing methods are mostly a cultural, and habitual choice, and extending this, up to a certain point even coffee beans are a habitual choice. Roasting choice can also be a matter of habit, and the act of changing the roast is a painful transition of days, but in the end, once used to the new roast you can’t go back too easy to the old roast type. We only mentioning this because we want you to be confident in your taste, and not let anybody trash your coffee taste. This is what we do here: we help you build your confidence in your taste, and we try to free your instincts from the coffee connoisseurs.

We are too passionate sometimes. You might notice that sometimes we give information that contradicts the consensus of coffee world. We especially disagree with coffee grinding standards, and with what is commonly referred to as “over extraction”. If our “heresies” don’t make sense to you, we would like to hear that in the comments area. Or if you are a blogger, make a post about it.