Mark Prince

Mark Prince is an active member in the online coffee and espresso world. He created and maintains CoffeeGeek and CoffeeKid websites. He has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and radio stations for his coffee and espresso knowledge and passion. Mark …

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Joshua Spink

Joshua Spink

Joshua Spink is an Irish opera singer and writer. His specialist topics are coffee, food, wellness and culture. His love for coffee comes from growing up in his parent’s coffee shop and working as a barista for several years in …

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Dorian Bodnariuc

Dorian Bodnariuc

Dorian Bodnariuc is the founder of He started his coffee career as a barista, then moved in the IT, but he kept the contact with the coffee industry. Dorian started his coffee career as a barista, in the 1990s. …

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About Us

Cup of Drip Coffee

I initially started this website with a group of three friends, all with a passion for coffee. We wanted to write about our love for coffee and to share our coffee experiences with a larger audience. Life has a way …

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